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The Awesomeness

of Watercolor Art

Watercolors are back with a boom. Their potential to turn your place into a moody but, nevertheless, highly-spirited spot for ponderation cannot be overestimated. As such, they’re widely used in contemporary advertising and have also been endorsed by numerous popular creatives (see James Blake). This is the awesomeness of watercolor art.

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Gear Up!

Artistic Photos of Vehicles in Action

For some, the world of horse powers, refined engine designs and the smell of pure gasoline is the only world worth inhabiting. However, there’s a lot of photographic evidence to support the claim. Get ready to be surprised by the genuine artistic integrity of the roaring V-8’s and the thundering exhaust pipes because these are 10 artistic photos of vehicles in action!

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Meteor Showers

Photos that Caught the Falling Stars

Perseid meteor showers are an annual August phenomena that makes our skies look like there’s a legit intergalactic battle going on, thus providing a real camera-worthy spectacle. It’s only natural that photo enthusiasts and “casuals” gather around the observing hubs in hopes of catching the mighty sight. These are examples of those who succeeded.

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10 Astounding Pictures

From Sports Events

Oh Rio 2016, once again 11,239 athletes have gathered to showcase their best, break a record or two and have a hard-earned bite into their medals. As for the rest of us, there are the ceremonies and some 28 sports disciplines to choose from. And 10 astounding pictures from sports events to commemorate the biggest one of them all!

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World’s Greatest Lakes

6 Bodies of Water

Our Earth is gifted with water – the source of life and vitality. Less than 1.5% of all our Earth’s water is ground freshwater, and lakes are its greatest and most valuable reservoirs. These here are the six greatest lakes of our planet that everyone should know.

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10 Absolutely Awesome Photos

From Music Festivals

Do you feel the vibe? It’s all about war bonnets, tank tops and scruffy men intensively strumming their banjos! It’s about quirky flags fluttering above originally designed tent complexes, about sleepless nights, spontaneous choices, and the celebration of music. Trying to transfer at least a bit of the experience, we present you with 10 absolutely awesome photos from music festivals.

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10 Photos of Tornadoes

Nobody Would Like to Mess with

Keeping up with our latest knack for all things meteorological, we are being sucked into the territory of vortexes, waterspouts, funnel clouds and the five different stages of the Fujita scale. These are 10 photos of tornadoes nobody would like to cross their path with despite most of them looking like a truly painting-worthy sight!

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Small and Enigmatic

Europe's 8 Most Captivating Small Towns

Europe is a mystical and magical place with history sprouting out at every corner. In fact, there is so much history that parts of it sometimes are overlooked. Enigmatic and captivating from medieval towers to elite class luxury hotels – the towns are poetic in every sense.

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Thor's Roaring!

10 amazing pictures of thunderstorms

When Thor decides to throw anger, all jokes have to be cast aside. Thunderstorms, being as fascinating as they truly are, are also a superbly dangerous occurrence, capable of unleashing havoc from Roland’s Emmerich’s daydream, albeit looking stunningly amazing in the process. These are 10 amazing pictures of thunderstorms!

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10 Classic Album Covers

Akin to art photography

Some album covers are there solely for the purpose of representing the staff involved into the recording process. Some, on the other hand, are a visual and metaphysical representation of the musical and lyrical content, something that takes the album’s concept further and adds another facet to the audial experience. These are 10 classic album covers akin to art photography.

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Europe’s Greatest Urban Parks

Central Park - Hold Tight!

Europe has a history to be amazed by. It's a place where every inch of soil has a story to tell and where every patch of land has witnessed monumental shifts of reigning ideologies, monarchies and the countless transfers of power! To commemorate the continent and its people we give you the best urban spaces where to enjoy a Sunday morning walk or a lazy afternoon!

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Celebrating Asia with 8 Beautiful Photos

The biggest part of our world

It is rather a tough challenge to cover Asia with a tiny set of only 8 photos, so we’ll try to be as concise and general as possible. After all, those 44,579,000 square kilometres, located primarily in the Northern and Eastern Hemisphere serve as the living space for 4.4 billion people. And some of the most beautiful scenery one could possibly imagine!

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9 Instances of Lo-Fi Photography

When good quality doesn't make any sense

Low fidelity photography has a great power to turn even the most simple of photos into a statement of a certain kind bearing the inexplicable sentiment of a family photo from 1987. These are 9 instances of lo-fi photography at its greatest.

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World’s Most Iconic Train Stations

8 photos of these architectural marvels

Train stations at first may seem as just transportation hubs where people depart and arrive with no real character, but I beg to differ. Train stations are the epitome of land travels, carrying a lifetime of romance, mystery and comedy. Behold the World’s most iconic train stations!

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Countryside Photography

8 examples of rustic photo gold

Though a seemingly obvious thing to take photos of, countryside landscape photography is still somewhat of an undisclosed territory. We’ve prepared 8 examples of beautiful rustic imagery with a hope that kids will want to visit the place more often afterwards.

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Top 5 Best Summer Destinations

Worth to capture for your Instagram

Can you feel the summer in the air? Oh yes, it’s so close that you can already imagine your feet in the warm sand drinking Pina Colada from the coconut and, of course, taking pictures of yourself enjoying the weather, atmosphere, and fun times in good company…

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7 Important Photos of Prince

May the rain always be purple

Succeeding at practically every musical discipline, Prince was a multi-instrumentalist and a singer with a 4-octave vocal capacity who could make any guitar weep. To honor the passing of another legend, we have collected 7 important photos of Prince (1958-2016).

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7 Iconic Photos of Famous Moms

Mothers that make the world go round

Since the early 20th century in the United States, the second Sunday of May is reserved to celebrate the special person that made our lives happen. We have selected some iconic photos to unveil the social influence of some of the most famous moms in history.

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Black and White Art Photography

5 compelling and emotionally effective instances

Though, in many ways, this subject has been debated ad nauseam, black and white art photography still is something that reveals the utmost important aspects about the scenery before the lens. In the same manner, it can also bring out and challenge the true capacities of the photographer behind it.

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5 Ways to Have a Contemporary Easter

Color your eggs like a boss

Easter has a very deep spiritual connotation in both paganistic and Christian tradition. It is also considered to be an important turning point that demands a highly visual approach in its commemoration. Here are some ways to embrace such an approach!

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Optical Illusion Pictures

Pictures to fool around with

We like to get fooled around, and even more than that we really enjoy figuring out the rebus, afterward. In this article, we have compiled some intriguing, but rather easy examples of optical illusion pictures, that combines trickery and taste for the best effect.

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The Sky is not the Limit

The never-ending inspiration of the space photography

There’s hardly anything more significant, majestic and exciting than the photos of the Universe surrounding us. Looking at stars dissolving or being in the process of birth, conscious of the fact that these events might have taken place already 10’000 years ago, is a beautifully frightening prospect!

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