Color your eggs like a boss

Easter is somewhat of a two-faced affair these days. For most people, it’s all about chocolate eggs and straight-out-of-a-Disney-flick bunnies jumping around like mobile egg factories. In fact, it’s been commercialized to such an extent that the bunny himself appears to be a sort of Justice League member, alongside Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. However, Easter has a very deep spiritual connotation in both paganistic and Christian tradition. It is also considered to be an important turning point that demands a highly visual approach in its commemoration. Here are some ways to embrace such an approach!

Decorate Your Easter Shrine


Alright, by “shrine” we don’t mean a sort of noble and oppressively serious corner in your room. With that said, though, Easter is one of those occasions when your religious beliefs might strongly affect the general aesthetics of your living space during the celebration. Abstracting from that, you can actually create a modern and aesthetically appealing Easter decor. Think about a tasteful coffee table with a refined composition of eggshells and wooden bunny figures wittingly scattered all over the surface! At the center of it all, you might even place a basket of a rustic appeal where all of the other eggs lie in a formation that resembles a bird’s nest! Behind the basket, you could place a visually fitting piece of wall art depicting an original version of the aforementioned Easter mascot! A beautiful vintage photo of a deliberately chaotic Easter composition would also do the trick!

Back to the Backyard


The sacred 50-day period known as the “Eastertide” is what comes after the three-day excess of egg tapping (or hunting, which highly depends on your geographic location) and all kinds of other folkish expressions. Even if you’re not too familiar with the meaning of the “Eastertide” in religious terms, we’re sure you already calculated that the period might as well be interpreted as good old spring itself. So, in order to celebrate the advent of the particular season, bring the decor outside! Make little compositional palettes with the same eggshells and dry herbs and scatter them all around your property! An ideal spot for such little compositions would be an old bench by the entrance or that scraped window sill right next to it. The same wooden figures of the Easter hare can be located in numerous parts of your garden or backyard. If you have kiddies coming to visit, they will be absolutely delighted about such an exterior design solution, and you might even make up a little game of finding all the wooden bunnies!

Color Your Eggs like a Boss


Yeah, well, you can actually release your creativity on those rounded fellas! And there’s one rather unconventional method to do that. The hot Easter trend these days is to paint your hard boiled eggs with chalkboard acrylic craft paint, which effectively allows you to decorate your eggs with your own chalk drawings! A very tastefully looking color combo, in this case, would be azure and black, both decorated with white chalk ornamentations. It is not something that could be considered a traditional approach, but definitely, something that looks HIP, interesting and makes a regular egg look like a legit interior design element before it gets eaten!

Back to the Bun


It’s no secret that the Easter bunny actually has quite an appeal from the design point of view. We are not encouraging exercises in taxidermy, but you actually could try out some wood carving and candle pouring! Although the former might turn out to be a pretty time-consuming affair, the latter is actually something you could manage in a framework of one evening. Basically, all you have to do is create a candle from which you could later carve out an abstract figurine with an outline of the Easter rabbit. If you have some hay stocked up, you can recreate the animal with the help of a thread and some dry fodder! The result could be placed before your door still, as a sort of an Easter Sentinel! Here again, you could actually hang some wall art depictions of the Easter deity in your hallway. No need for an overly detailed depiction (for God’s sake, nothing like the Albrecht Durer’s “Young Hare”, which is, of course, a terrific work, but with an almost terrifying scientific quality to it). An intentionally naive and abstract approach is what it’s all about, so you might as well try out your own drawing abilities! Even an outline with only a pair of eyes would provide a wonderful, minimalistic effect. If you have managed to create something worth an individual canvas print, check out this opportunity to get it in a physical format!

Your Own Chocolate Eggs


Making your own alternative to all the Easter-themed chocolate production available in the local supermarket is a brave step to take. It’s also a rather exciting one. All you need to do is some prep, which involves boiling up the chocolate and setting up a mold which, in this case, would be a half of an egg.

Okay, now repeat the whole procedure until you have enough eggs to create a composition like the one above! If there’s no spare time for the whole culinary procession, you can buy chocolate eggs of different sizes in the aforementioned supermarket and simply recreate this composition with what’s available. Before you eat them, though, take a picture. The resulting photo print could be worth a self-contained Easter decor for the next year!


image source: thewildmagazine.com

If none of these is your cup of tea, we really hope that you at least feel somewhat inspired to take on some exciting DIY Easter decor adventure! Anyhow, we wish you a great celebration and the brightest and warmest Eastertide!

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