8 examples of rustic photo gold

Though a seemingly obvious thing to take photos of, countryside landscape photography is still somewhat of an undisclosed territory. We’ve prepared 8 examples of beautiful rustic imagery with a hope that kids will want to visit the place more often afterwards.



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One could say that an application of HDR (high dynamic range) can make every picture seem rich, effective and otherworldly. However, that’s really not the case since an obvious over-reliance on the effect usually provides pretty tasteless and synthetic results. This countryside photo, however, has the right balance. The smell of grass is literally in the air, made only stronger by the occasional breeze of the summer wind. The distant cloud seems to have dropped its rainy stock all over the place only to become a pleasant decorative figure in the evening sky. The countryside lets you appreciate the vastness and contrast of the natural phenomena made even more evident by photos like this!

2.The Best Of Britania


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British countryside iconography has contributed a lot to our perception of a typical countryside in general. That does not make it any less desirable, though. This example of an effective rustic photography sets the perfect early autumn ambiance. We have a little early hour fog here and there, an ethereal skyline and the significant, characteristically British hedge contouring (you can see the prominent lining). A simple and beautiful countryside photography without much “post production” involved.

3.Polarized Countryside


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The polarizer effect, just like the aforementioned HDR, is also somewhat of a two-way street. Play around with it too recklessly, and the picture will completely lack any of the naturalistic qualities it initially possessed. Play with it just as much as the author did within this photo of a countryside sunset and you’ll get something akin to the most traditional meaning of romanticism. The evening clouds of deep gray crosses the passage of the sun, making it hard for the last of the rays to reach the soil. Windmills give a flair of a classic European landscape while the flutter of crops indicates that warm evening wind of a mid-July. To witness this in the real life is to be truly alive!

4.A Dream of John Constable


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John Constable was a British painter, one of the many who lifted the romantic tradition of the 18th/19th century into unprecedented heights. His pastoral sceneries saw the use of the green color nobody else was really able to replicate (not even his famous French contemporaries of Delacroix and Ingres) while his portrayal of the sky was only second to none. The subject behind the easel was almost exclusively British countryside in all of its peaceful and radiant glory. This photo gives off the same vibe of rustic escapism while actually encapsulating a lot of motifs that regularly pop up in Constable’s paintings. Nothing is effect-heavy, and therefore it is lovely, indeed.

5.It Can be the Saddest Place


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This black and white/sepia-toned imagery stands as a dark and desolate tombstone for the once great and densely populated farming area the place used to be. It is a sad picture of the present day American countryside landscape, but is in a sense, an inevitable one. Times are sweeping across those acres like the dry, dusty wind, moving things from one place to another and above everything else, its people that have a penchant for getting gone with the wind. A bit of long-exposure seems to be in use working for a great, dreamy effect celebrating the rustic glory of the pre-industrialized United States. Just add a soundtrack by Tom Waits, and the scene becomes the perfect melancholy.

6.Golden Brown Texture Like Sun


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Here is another countryside photography that bears the remnants of the past, both spiritually and physically. An old, rusty vehicle lies there forsaken and slowly getting engulfed by the crops that are taking back what’s theirs by birthright. The golden sunset fills the emptiness, and the old equipment seems to be deceived by its master. However, photography expertise and the eye for beautiful imagery is all over the place. To get rid of the sad connotations, this might as well be the place where young lovers find their shelter during a thunderstorm. The perspective changes completely.

7.What’s Going On?


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Nothing much, just another scene of a typical rustic routine. This is a countryside photography that has the best of your family photo album aesthetic and a bit of the Instagram flare. Birds are angry and scary as usual, but there’s no worries hence the ever-present Sancho Panza in the form of a massive dalmatian is always there to watch the rugrat’s back. Many will recognize a variation of this scenery from their own childhood. Waste no time and let yourself enjoy a little countryside experience as soon as you can. Otherwise, a cross-processed photo like this will remain your only link to childhood.

8.Going on an Adventure


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Strangely enough, modern society has greatly underappreciated the countryside’s potential for a great adventure setting. Despite the works that always have to be done, an irritating swarm of mosquitos and a peculiar smell or two, this place is never a punishment. It is where your spirit truly breathes! And, it is much cheaper than a foreign trip for sure. With the obvious increase in rustic photo popularity, there is simply no time to lose. Grab your camera, set up a road trip with your friends and create the best countryside scenery photo session ever!

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