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Optical illusion pictures are always interesting and no matter how much of the internet is stuffed with all of those “gaze for 30 seconds and turn around” things, most of the time, we really do follow that instruction. To speak quite frankly, we like to get fooled around, and even more than that we really enjoy figuring out the rebus, afterward. In this article, we have compiled some intriguing, but rather easy examples of optical illusion pictures, that combines trickery and taste for the best effect. In a case of success, you're more than welcomed to give your artwork a perpetual stay by making a print of it! Warning - a bit of shaky feeling might appear, regarding the second part of the article!

Optical Illusion Pictures that Seem to be Rising from the Paper


image source: http://www.webneel.com

One of the most popular ways to manipulate our perception of vision is to create an artwork that somehow seems to be spatial or to possess the sense of depth. This gives an ordinary decor a magical quality and the somewhat boring wall art paintings and prints found in your hallway will hook people from the second they enter your property. Though one may think that it’s an easy piece to create, the truth is something very far from that. The particular example of 3D art you can see here, demands a very good understanding of light and tone relations. After all, we strive for something that has an aesthetic quality as well as the ability to fool us into stretching our arm towards the inside of it. We strive for optical illusion pictures!


image source: http://www.webneel.com

Useful tips on creating your new 3D wall decoration!:

The Psychedelic Vibe


image source: artclubblog.com

You may have noticed that some of these optical illusion pictures actually have an exquisite sixties appeal! Some of them look like pieces that would adorn the walls of Austin Power’s love headquarters! In some respect, it’s not surprising, considering the fact that 60’s were largely about psychedelia, tripping (not because of a wire in your way) and all kinds of substance-induced sensations. Taking all of this into account, we have a little manual for you to create your own tribute to the swinging decade! The most basic of these can be created with a single set of color markers at your disposal!


image source: http://www.pinterest.com


image source: http://www.pinterest.com


image source: http://www.pinterest.com

Black and White Sensation

These optical illusion pictures usually boast a capacity to provide an acid trip-like experience after just 30-50 seconds (depends on the format - image or video) of staring at them. Definitely sounds promising (by that were not suggesting that acid trips are something to strive for), but usually, they fail to deliver a serious, long-term hallucinogenic effect. What we get is a 15-second dizziness (if it's a rotating structure) or a strange face before our eyes appearing every time we try to blink. However, it’s still an interesting and in a certain sense, rather interactive art, that has a nice minimalist vibe to it! To make strictly black and white optical illusion pictures is a pretty simple operation. This time, you might as well get through with only one black marker, because what we will try to create is an age-old thing, known as "Zollner illusion"!




Now take a close look and witness the practical, home-made magic! The result should look similar to the picture below. You can see how each herringbone pattern seems to get increasingly narrow towards its end. But it actually doesn't! All of them are completely identical and geometrically straight!


*While it's a nice and simple example of optical illusion pictures, it's also a nice and trendy pattern (variations of it are actually found on numerous T-shirts) to use simply as wall art decor! In case you really consider this idea, visit our page and pick the wall art type (canvas, acrylic, aluminium or forex) you prefer!

*A Historical trivia! The optical illusion was first noticed in 1860 by the German astrophysicist Karl Zollner on a dress fabric!


There are numerous approaches to creating optical illusion pictures. The ones we've picked can actually be looked upon as something for the beginners. We encourage you to experiment and develop your ability for trickery and visual arts, in general! Even if the illusion's not there, you will be one, beautiful wall art piece richer!

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