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Can you feel the summer in the air? Oh, yes it’s so close that you can already imagine your feet in the warm sand, drinking Pina Colada from the coconut and, of course, taking pictures of yourself, enjoying the weather, atmosphere, fun time in a good company…

Yes, that’s right, summer is coming and we all have to be prepared! It’s time to pack your bags, take all your gadgets to help you capture mesmerizing pictures and visit at least one of the best summer getaway destinations!

#5 Santorini


Santorini is one of the Greek Islands. It is one of the most popular destinations where people take pictures. It was ranked as the world's top island in many travel magazines and websites. It’s not a surprise why — Greek islands are one of the closest to Europe paradises. The weather is perfect, around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius during the summer, so if you enjoy being around the seaside, warm weather and taking selfies in your swimwear — enjoy your trip to Santorini!

#4 South of France


Seafood, yachts, beach parties and many other treats — South of France is the summer getaway destination for those who love the beach parties! Season opening starts in July when everyone across the whole world meets each other, cruise with their yachts and anchor at the places like Nicki Beach or VIP Room to have fun poppin’ champagne bottles. Yes, it’s the place to take selfies and many more beautiful and fun pictures for your Instagram to make all your followers a bit… #jealous!

#3 Ibiza


Spain itself is a magnificent place with amazing weather during the summer, many positive people and, of course, good seafood and restaurants! What is more magical specifically about Ibiza is its fun mood. You can rent the villa for a fair price, the weather is always great, parties with the best worldwide DJ's and, of course, people there that are just like you, seeking for some adventures and spontaneous ideas! It is a great place to visit, but watch out — some pictures from Ibiza better keep in your pocket!

#2 Bora Bora


Bora Bora is not just a summer getaway destination - it’s a destination you must definitely visit at least once if your life! It’s exotic, warm, has breathtaking views, and yet it is romantic and simply a beautiful place to relax and spend a wonderful time with your partner or family! And coconuts, don’t forget to take some pictures with coconuts!

#1 Mexico


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Mexico, Bahamas and Hawaii — places where most top models enjoy their swimwear photoshoots and where you can spot them during the spring/summer season. Mexico is not a very safe place to travel alone, yet it is very exotic, and its traditional side is worth exploring as well! If you enjoy spicy food and want to have some travel adventures this summer — Mexico is a destination for you!

As you see, the best summer getaway destinations are those, where you can enjoy yourself and have fun — travel, be happy and enjoy the summer vibes!

P.S. And don’t forget to take the #pictures for your Instagram!

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