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Hand stretched in America on canvas printed with state of the art HP technology

Canvas Prints Prices

Format Price
6''x6'' $ 26.00
8''x8'' $ 34.00
12''x8'' $ 46.00
30''x20'' $ 179.00


Custom canvas prints are a combination of first-rate canvas fabric and a HP latex ink rendition of your photo – printed on a solid white fabric that's attached to a hand-crafted wooden frame. Simply choose a size, the thickness of your canvas prints and add a compelling edge with a premium framework.

Custom Canvas Prints

  • custom canvas print fullview
  • custom canvas print closeup
  • custom canvas print roomview

Spectacular Colors and Resolution

That very special photo of yours needs a proper material foundation! By choosing to turn your photo to canvas via, you are ensured to get only top class quality regarding the reproduction of the original colors and sharpness.

Certified and Professional Hand-craft

To dispel any doubts about the authenticity, we can unveil that the canvas photo prints handcrafted in our factories are certified specifically for canvas printing. The construction of each canvas is specially adjusted to work best with latex HP ink.

Individual edge designs

  • canvas-edge-material-folded
    Folded edge

    The most conventional way of designing canvas prints is to stretch the photo print to perfectly fit the frame. If you decide to go with this option, make sure to not place any of the elements that you wish to see in the final product close to the image border!

    canvas print edge folded
  • canvas-edge-material-mirrored
    Mirrored edge

    The image of your choice is fully displayed on the front side of the canvas with the outer edging being mirrored and applied to the outer border of the frame

    canvas print with mirrored edge
  • canvas-edge-material-stretched
    Stretched edge

    For this format, the pixels situated nearest to the edge are extended lengthwise to provide a beautifully distorted effect to the edges of the canvas frame. The image displayed on the canvas remains intact.

    canvas print with stretched edge
  • canvas-edge-material-white
    White edge

    Regarding this type of edge design, the outer border of your image is actually not printed at all. Instead, a white-colored border is applied to the folded sides later on, aesthetically enhancing the image of your choice.

    canvas print with white edge
  • canvas-edge-material-black
    Black edge

    Similar to the white edging solution, the black border design is generated after the main print has been applied to the front side of the canvas. This design option adds a compelling contrast with the widest variety of imagery possible.

    canvas print with black edge

Frame Thickness

canvas print with standard edge

Standard canvas frame (.75")

Standard doesn’t stand for simplicity since the high-quality spruce wood stretcher frame is still a legitimate premium class craft! Rigid, yet with a thickness of only .75", this framing solution will only require a single pair of nails to set up.

photo canvas print with xxl edge

XXL Canvas Frame (1.5")

Besides providing a double sturdiness, the XXL wooden frame is also a great way to replicate the contemporary gallery aesthetic. This extra-large format gives photo canvas prints a significantly increased expressiveness and stability!

Premium frames

  • canvas print in brown frame fullview
  • canvas print in brown frame closeup front
  • canvas print in brown frame closeup back
  • canvas print in black frame fullview
  • canvas print in black frame closeup front
  • canvas print in black frame closeup back
  • canvas print in white frame fullview
  • canvas print in white frame closeup front
  • canvas print in white frame closeup back
  • canvas print in silver frame fullview
  • canvas print in silver frame closeup front
  • canvas print in silver frame closeup back

Different Color Frames

Your photo on canvas deserves a premium quality framing solution! With the floating frame construction, the edges of your canvas print will remain visible, providing the lean look seen in numerous world-famous galleries today!

Create your own unique photo canvas print and enhance it with a fitting, modern-looking floating frame! Pick any of the four available!

Canvas Accessories

photo canvas print with easel back

Easel Back

Vertical surface is not all there is. All of the small photo formats, such as 8"x8", 12"x8" , 16"x12" are available with a support system that allows placing your canvas photo print on tables, shelves, or whichever horizontal surface you prefer!

hanging set for canvas prints

Hanging Set

Obviously, you will want your canvas prints to hang steady and safely. With our additional hanging set, the whole operation is now as simple as it gets. Follow the instructions and hang your photo canvas with ease!

The best customer ratings

2017-09-14. At ResellerRatings our customers rate with 8.88 stars from 10, based upon 885 reviews. Start designing your Custom Canvas Prints now!

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