Mini Acrylic Block

  • Acrylic glass blocks with your photos
  • Radiant, true-to-life photo printing
  • 1”-thick glass creates depth effect
  • Buy a set and mix your blocks together!

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Printed on high-quality materials with state-of-the-art HP technology

Mini Acrylic Block prices

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2"x2" $ 24.00

Mini Acrylic Block: Mix-and-match photo blocks

  • personalised photo towel detailed view

Mini Acrylic Blocks are of acrylic glass printed with your photos. Tactile, sturdy and full of personality, these 2” x 2” blocks are a fresh, versatile approach to home decoration. We recommend buying several Mini Acrylic Blocks at once – that way you can display them together and mix them up in fresh combinations whenever inspiration strikes!

  • 2” x 2” acrylic-glass photo blocks
  • Superbly crisp print reproduction
  • Ready to display, no installation
  • Clear acrylic glass with depth effect
  • Sturdy and knock-resistant

Little photo blocks with a big impact

The photo images of your choice are printed onto 2” x 2” blocks of acrylic glass. We use UV direct printing to ensure the colors and definition of your photos are reproduced to perfection. Mini Acrylic Blocks are a generous 1” thick, and the acrylic glass enhances your photos with an eye-catching 3D effect. This is first-class photo printing squeezed into a charming little package that proves less really is more!

Mix them up for a fresh look

Mini Acrylic Blocks were made to be mixed, matched, stacked and shuffled! Order several photo blocks and you can display them as individual pieces or in dynamic group arrangements – and of course, mix them up whenever you want a fresh look. The acrylic glass is crystal-clear from top to bottom, meaning your Mini Acrylic Blocks catch the light and throw captivating reflections across your images.

Display couldn’t be easier

You can display your Mini Acrylic Blocks on any horizontal surface, with no installation required, and their compact size means that they’ll fit in almost anywhere. They’re the perfect decor solution if you’re working with limited space. Playful and versatile, Mini Acrylic Blocks will brighten up any working or living area – they really punch above their weight when it comes to charm!

Build your collection

Mini Acrylic Blocks are small but they give you an outsize wow factor. And once you’ve started your collection you’ll want it to keep growing! They’re ideal as decor pieces for your own home, and just as great as quirky gift ideas for your loved ones. These little photo blocks will freshen up your interior design in an instant. So upload your photos now and see what Mini Acrylic Blocks can do!

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