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  • Stunningly rich colors
  • Entrancing depth effect
  • Superbly durable luxury item
  • UV and moisture resistant
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Printed on high-quality materials with state-of-the-art HP technology

Acrylic+Aluminum Prints prices

Format Price
6 x 4" $ 35.00
8 x 8" $ 45.00
12 x 8" $ 65.00

Acrylic + Aluminum Photo Prints

  • acrylic aluminum photo print fullview
  • acrylic aluminum print closeup
  • photo acrylic aluminum roomview


An acrylic + aluminum print is the ultimate in premium-quality wall art. Our most exclusive wall decor item gives you the magical visual effect produced by a polished sheet of acrylic glass, combined with the unrivalled strength of an aluminum composite panel.

Your image will be reproduced in vivid detail thanks to our state-of-the-art direct printing technology. Your print won’t only be protected from scratches, moisture and UV damage by a flawless acrylic panel, it will be brought to life by a beautiful glimmering depth effect.

Gallery-Worthy Combination

The back section of your print consists of a metal composite panel, constructed from two sheets of aluminum enclosing a black plastic core. Strong but surprisingly lightweight, the metal composite backs up your print with extra depth and superb resilience.

The combination of acrylic and aluminum creates a layered, textured physical presence that’s perfect for the most precious photo memories in your collection. The ideal blend of upscale elegance and bold physicality, this is a luxury photo print that justifies pushing the boat out.

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We use solvent-free inks for premium-quality prints that are safe for all to enjoy.

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Our packaging ensures a safe journey for your product. Your order will arrive in a flawless condition!

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If for any reason you're disappointed with the final result, we’ll be glad to look into the issue and, if necessary, reprint your photo at no cost to you.

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